Spaced Out CD : Mad Tribe Spaced Out CD : Mad Tribe Spaced Out CD : Mad Tribe Spaced Out CD : Mad Tribe Spaced Out CD : Mad Tribe

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Spaced Out CD : Mad Tribe



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Spaced Out CD : Mad Tribe

Released November 2015 on TIP Music

Mad Tribe : Spaced Out
Mad Tribe is the fantastic collaboration between Space Tribe & Mad Maxx !
The Aural Drug was ingested....... the sacred gong unleashed the sound of a million wilderbeasts galloping accross the plains, dust raising,stomping, pulses that shatter the calm and propell our turbo thrusters into oblivion. This is music for the apocaplyse...where space curves & electrons tweak neutrons. . . . this is music for the countdown of evolution, a maelstrom of Alien lingo and artificial intelligents for robots and Jedi alike. The mystery unveils itself..into orgasmic geometry and turbulence of sound juggling.

. . . . Bliss on the Dancefloor





1 Spaced Out 145 8.21
2 Evolution of revolution 148 8.07
3 Eternity 147 8.26
4 Trippers 145 7.42
5 Faster than Light 146 9.16
6 Keys to the Universe 145 7.17
7 Mind is God (Secular Mix) 145 8.13
8 Into the Future 145 9.18
9 Just a Ride 130 > 148 7.30

Artwork by Mad Tribe

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