Sensory Overload

Released October 2007, by Space Tribe Music ( STM007)


The 2nd fantastic CD from ESP, the collaboration between psy-trance masters Space Tribe & Electric Universe, where the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.
They have come up with another blasta of an album : SENSORY OVERLOAD, which certainly lives up to it's name!
Fantastic, deep, full-power, psychedelic dance music with incredible production technique, one step further evolved than the usual,
8 epic psychedelic, uplifting tracks,
A thorough shakedown of all 6 senses,
Deep, powerful, & exquisitely produced,

SENSORY OVERLOAD will take you on a journey thru Higher Realms.
See thru the Mind's Eye & enjoy the Experiences Outside Time.
Features Jon Klein & Roland Wedig on guitars, Olli Wisdom on vocals & Boris Blenn with his incredible programming technique.

Electric Space Music for Electric Space People

Bliss on the Dancefloor!





1. Electric Space Phenomenon 149 8.29
2. Experiences Outside Time 148 10.22
3. Higher Realms 148 8.42
4. I Like It ! 145 8.09
5. The Mind's Eye 147 9.30
6. Sensory Overload 148 8.16
7. What is Real 140 > 145 9.28
8. Pozitronic Brain 145 8.32