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Full Fabric Prints

Our range of fabric prints, silk screened by hand using UV active screen inks

These prints are available on a wide range of styles & acccessories:
Jackets, T-shirts, singlets, girls tops, flares, leggings, hotpants, catsuits, bags, belts, hats, boots, teddybears & computer sleeves.

Helpful Harry sez "Click on any of the print images to see all the styles available in that print"


Atomic Alien  D03D

Atomic Rainbow   D03P

Rainbow Fractal   D05A

Fire Fractal
Fire Fractal D05F


Lime Dynamo  D34G

Fully Wired   D41P

Liquid Aqua  D43A

Liquid Lava  D43C

Liquid Lime  D43G

Liquid Acid  D43H

Sea of Green Weed  D45G

Juicy Fruit Weed  D45P

Acid Dragonfly  D108A

Fire Dragonfly  D108C

Jungle Dragonfly  D108G

Pink Dragonfly  D108V

Alien Splash  D111A

Blue Splash  D111B

Fire Splash  D111C

50 Shades of Splash  D111N

Candy Splash  D111P

Purple Splash  D111V

Alien MiniMayan  D114A

Lime MiniMayan  D114G

Rainbow MiniMayan  D114P

Alien Mayan  D115A

Blue Mayan  D115B

Lime Mayan  D115G
Rainbow Mayan  D115P

Monochrome Mayan  D115N

Shirt Prints

Our range of shirt prints, silk screened by hand using UV active screen inks

These prints are available on T-shirts, jackets, singlets & womens tops



Midnite Vortex  D44B

Fire Vortex  D44C

Dusk Vortex  D44D

Violet Glo Vortex  D44V

Alpha Centauri  D102A

Purple Centauri  D102V

Barong Totem  D102AV

PolyMorph  D103

Fire Mahakala  D104C

Lime Mahakala  D104G

Fire Kalachakra  D105C

Lime Kalachakra  D105G


Namaste  D106A

Violet Namaste  D106V

Foxy Lady  D107A

Purple Foxy Lady  D107V

Holographic Memory  D109A

Holographic Fire  D109C

Holographic Violet  D109V

Ectoplasm  D110A


Purple Plasm  D110B

Anti Plasm  D110C

Rainbow Web  D20A

Purple Web  D20V

Headspin  D07A

Rainbow Buddha  D112

Alphabetamine  D113A