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Sublimation Prints

Our range of prints using dye sublimation printing. The design is printed digitally in high resolution onto great quality polyester / dri-fit blended fabrics.
The dye sulimation process allows for extremely vibrant colors that will never fade away no matter how many times it gets washed, & results in an extremely soft "feel" to the shirt, providing ultimate comfort.

These prints are available on a wide range of styles, including T-shirts, singlets, girls tops, leggings & awesome wallhangings!.

Helpful Harry sez "Click on any of the print images to see all the styles available in that print"


Micro Macro   DP001

Chrono Traveller   DP002

Spaced Out   DP003

Fire Fractal
Primordial Presence DP004


Rainbow Buddha  DP005

Eye for an I  DP006

Ocean Buddha  DP007

Ancestral Ornament  DP008

Serpentine Apotheosis  DP009

Divine Seraphim  DP010

Fire Buddha  DP011

Death by Astonishment  DP012

Curandero  DP013

Ocean Goddess  DP014

Holographic Altar  DP015

Psy Shroom  DP016

Psy Ganesh  DP017

Quetzal Vision  DP018

Rainbow Valley Fractal  DP019

Molecular Dreaming  DP020

Pixie Party   DP021

Venus Exalted  DP022

Hyperdimension   DP023

Fire Fractal
Perfectly Tuned In DP024


Alien Hoax  DP025

LSD Party   DP026

Lime Foxy Lady  DP027G

Fire Fractal
Violet Foxy Lady  DP027V


Rainbow Web   DP028A

Lime Web   DP028G

Violet Web   DP028V

Purple Plasm  DP030


Spectral Fractal   DP031

Whirlpool Fractal  DP032

Dorje Power!  DP033

Fire Wobbly Op-art  DP029F

Prismatic  DP201