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Brilliant Service and Product

Thanks Spacetribe for being super helpful in all ways especially when we changed our order.

We loved the products (Atomic Alien catsuit for her and tshirt and leggings for him).

They arrived on time as promised and the service was outstanding.

Really happy with the finished costumes and looking forward to wearing them again.

Wish we could post photos! Check out #costumecolab on instagram.

Cheers Sam and Jason New Zealand.

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Sam Tauranga 26-02-2018

Fast shipping, excelent product quality and very professional & caring costumer service.
I ordered two cushion covers and, if they look good in the website, they sure look twice as good live.
Stuning graphics and bright vivid colors. An all-round very good experience! Definitely recommend!

Much love from Portugal ;) - Pedro Cabral

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Pedro Cabral Coimbra 29-01-2018
awesome product

Guys,you are amazing!!! The product is awesome, the customer support impeccable and the shipment very quick... greetings from italy

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tech torino-italy 25-01-2018
The best uv wallhangings

I ordered two wallhangings. They exceeded my expectations. The quality is very good and the order arrived fast. I recommend them!

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Paula M Buenos Aires, Argentina 27-12-2017

I ordered a uv banner and vinyls

UV banner, sent from Bali, arrived even before the vinyls from London,
Because i didn't have a tracking number for the vinyls,i asked Space Tribe Crew when can i expect them & they replied very quickly and said normaly before Christmas.
Now i received them yesterday :-)
So i'm very happy with it

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Bart Peeters Muizen Belgium 13-12-2017
Love it all !!

Hello space tribe crew!
You guys are amazing, loving all my crazy space tribe flares and back drops!
Quick uk delivery too!

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rainbowjules Hastings 11-12-2017
Mad Tribe - The LSD Party Vinyl

This vinyl arrived quite fast after placing the order.
Was super awesome to seeing the autographs, makes it even more special !
Plus a download code and some Space Tribe cards and sticker included, nice one crew!
Can't wait for their next vinyl release !

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Foose Mechelen 11-12-2017
best psy shop in the world

The best psy shop in the world ^_^
All the best end another order is coming soon xD

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Pecinac Belgrade 06-12-2017

Eng) HI every ! I'am a professional musician ( guitar) and i like shoes and clothes fun, fractal style, and beautifull! It is with very great pleasure that i leave this message, to say that Space Tribe is: 1: Very fast delivery ! 2: A store of all confidence ! 3: A team adorable and anxious to react quickly! 4: Highty my future purchase! I told myself " stop drooling on their produce, and buy this Im very happy today. Very good! thank again space tribe! thanks again.. FR) Bonjour, si à tout hazard un français passe ici, voici mon sentiment: Je suis musicien, et j'aime les chaussures, vetements au look particulier , fun, style fractale, et beau! C'est avec un grand plaisir, que je laisse ce message, pour dire que Space Tribe est: 1: Tres rapide en expedition livraison. 2: Un magasin de toute confiance 3: Une equipe adorable et soucieuse de réagir vite! 4: Vivement mes futurs achats dans tres vite!

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SIMON PARIS 05-12-2017

Quality - perfect Delivery time - awesome

That's the best onlinestore for psychedelic lovers.

You will not be disappointed...

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Markus Salzburg 21-09-2017
Large UV Banner purchase

Well done Space Tribe Bali!

Extrodinary (extra ordinary?) in every way!

Humble, no attitude staff that were efficient and in tune with my needs.

The product exceeds expectations in the quality of the art. I would have prefered a heavier weight cloth for durability, but this is offset by the light weight which is a nice feature for a few reasons. I needed 4 units, they only had two in stock, but the resident artist made two more in quick order. To know the artist made two just for me felt special. Silly perhaps, But I helped a living artist and he made something for me. I was touched. Shipping from Bali to San Francisco was exceptionally fast, exceeding expectations.

Overall a splendiferous experience!

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Randy Cone San Francisco 27-08-2017
home base for all lysergic brains

This online shop is amazing and the Service is perfect. Very kind people!

The shipping to Germany was fast and absolutely uncomplicated.

I recommend this shop for all Psyborigines. have a nice day!

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Jan G. Germany 07-08-2017

5/5 SHIPPING : The product arrived extremely fast !

For something that came from far away it arrived much faster than something I ordered locally!

5/5 QUALITY : The product exceeded my expectations by far! It looked amazing on images but looked twice as good in real life!

The wall hangings look fantastic with my UV lights and provide mind blowing visuals!

5/5 SERVICE : Customer support updated me the whole time during the purchasing/shipping process. I felt reassured and in good hands.

I will DEFINITELY purchase here again !!!!!!!

Have fun everyone !!! :)

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Chris Canada 02-08-2017
Excellent customer service, PHENOMENAL products

This was my first time ordering from this site.

Initially, there was a problem with my order, but the Space Tribe crew emailed me and kept me informed about what was happening, and it arrived SO quickly once it was shipped.

The T-shirt I ordered is even more beautiful than it looks on the site, and the quality is fantastic. I love the attention to detail, the humorous message printed on the label and the branded sticker included with my order.

Every bit of marketing is a work of art. But most of all I love the shirt - it is going to make the best birthday present for my boyfriend.

Now I have some awesome mobile artwork to look at wherever we go at a festival. :)

Thank you Space Tribe!

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Gia Pietermaritzburg 19-07-2017
Cheers for all you guys from space tribe organization!

What's up guys !!! Omg I don't know explain how many I like my new stuffs , especially the synapse spiral!!!
I have two projects of eletronic music and the new art are exactly a fusion what I are doing in my marketing ...
My projects names are Accorde and Naps Collaps , I use the Horus eye for one of my projects and acorde in portuguese is wake up , so you guys put a eye in the mid of the Brain (fucking awesome) and the other project I take from synapse collapse that's from neurons in the brain! I'm very happy and desire success and cheers for all you guys from space tribe organization! Anxious to get more crazy arts from you... Cya.

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Daniel Ramos Limonge de Oliveira Juiz de Fora 30-06-2017
Big greetings to all psychedelic community... See you in Space..

Just received a new Atomic Alien T-shirt... And it's 1000 times more Bright, living colours and beautifull at live... X ) Now I can Fly! Many thanks to Space Tribe Crew... You continue to Create amazing psychedelic clothes Since ever. I still have my first long sleeve t-shirt that I bought to my first Boom in 1998... And it's still well alive! Very quickly and super service delivery to my door... Big greetings to all psychedelic community... See you in Space...

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Psycholouis Arganil/Portugal 22-06-2017
Astral Quality

I've been ordering Space Tribe products for some years now and every time I confirm the beauty and quality of the products, from belts to wallhangings I always get really excited to recieve my orders. I will keep getting your stuff hopefully for many more years. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful pieces.

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Lionel Mexico City 22-05-2017

The order was quickly delivered and the high quality clothes have the described size. Thanks a lot.

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Caroline Stuttgart 24-02-2017
Spacetribe stuff is good quality

Thank you so much for your timely delivery..
I like ur stuff.I will come back soon .

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Maxx Dubai 11-12-2016
Space Tribe

Space Tribe are amazing.
Their clothes are works of art and the service is outstanding. I can,t believe how quickly my last order arrived from Bali.
I love Space Tribe!

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Davina Haverhill 01-12-2016
I love SpaceTribe

I recently placed my first order through space tribe.

I had a error at first but they corrected the problem and upped it to express shipping and I had my purchase 5 days later.

I am very happy with the product and look forward to be a constant customer :-)

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Patrick Waukegan IL 07-09-2016
The dog's doodads !

Marvelous, astounding, amazing, the dogs doodaas!

I recieved first order today, so fast,and reliable, Icant thank you enough, best company i have ever dealt with overseas and in the uk !

Love your artists works, magick, ittakes the visual side of my events to another level :-)

I will back soon nice people, love and Peace,


Skullduggery EDM.

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Paul Skullduggery Cheltenham, UK 26-07-2016
Thank you for your effort, you have made my day!!

My new hoody and custom designed boots have just arrived !

Both are amazing !!! Thank you for your effort, you have made my day!!

I wore my Orange-Yellow boots to Faeryfest in Cornwall, and danced for three days! My purple ones you just made me,

I will rave in soon!

Infinite Cosmic Love!

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Tigris / TRIP Northampton UK 07-07-2016
Best T-shirt ever !

Hey guys, your tshirt already arrived, and its the best tshirt I ever had!!! I will order more, YOU ARE THE BEST! <3 THANKS!

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Nevena Belgrade 20-04-2016
Freakin Awesome !

I received everything and it is freakin awesome,
thank you so much for your work!

Really lookin forward to ordering some more Hoodies, they're amazing and now I need more for my friends :D
Girlfriend also loves hers (:

Wish you a great weekend and all the best! 

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Lou Nuremberg 12-02-2016
Wonderfull service :-)

My stuff has already arrived!
Wow... That's so quick!
Thank you so much for your wonderfull service :-)
If I would have known how great you guys handle things, I would have bought sooner for sure :-)
I LOVE my new clothes. Especially the dress.... SO beautifulll...
will come back for the pink dragonfly slinky dress when payday ;-)


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Marieke Hol Utrecht 09-02-2016
Good Vibes !

Hello SpaceTribe!

I placed an order through your website for a number of items which were for Christmas gifts and a couple of birthday presents.

Two items I ordered were for me!

I wanted to let you know how HAPPY everyone is with their gifts! I am so impressed with the high quality fabric, color dye and finishing work!

We appreciate all the love and hard work you have put into your products and wanted to let you know. I will be sure to order again from SpaceTribe and will pass along the word to all of our psychedelic friends!

Love & Light


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Sandra Ontario 20-01-2016
Thanks for great service

To the crew at Space Tribe,
Thanks all for the update on my order and sending the parcel out as a present.
I look forward to making another order after new year & wish you all the best for Christmas and a trippy and enlightening new year. Thanks again all !!!

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Mike Tobermory 05-12-2015
Great Psychedelic Designs

Thank you. I received my order and I love it.
Good prices, wide selection, great psychedelic designs, high quality material.
I will tell my friends and post photos of my new threads on facebook.

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Matt Hensle Oak Park, Illinois 04-09-2015
The Man Will Burn

Awesome stuff. Quality and artistry is remarkable.
Shipping to the US was quicker than regular mail.
Great communications too.

You've already rocked our Burn !

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Rio and Wyatt Venice, CA 03-08-2015
10 out of 10 !

We got your pants from the post office yesterday, a perfect fit!
Thanks so much for all of your help, I really do appreciate everything you have done.
10 out of 10 for customer service!
Best Wishes,

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Deb Wedd Sydney 21-07-2015
Excellent customer service !

You have excellent customer service. I will most definitely be ordering a lot more stuff from you in the future. Thank you very much

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Dakota Mark Cheyenne, Wyoming 14-06-2015
Thanks . . .

Thanks for your amazing customer support <3

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Elie Dbayeh, Lebanon 11-03-2015
best quality!!!

Hello, I just receive the t-shirts!

the amazing thing with that t-shirts is the quality! always the best quality!!!

Thank you very much

Nikolaos M

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Nikolaos M THESSALONIKI 06-03-2015
Great customer service !

​Thank you very much for your kindness in the shipping option !!!

Great customer service and be sure that I'm gonna buy a lot more stuff from you in the future!!!

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Mikael Saaresti Finland 17-02-2015
You made my month!!

My dear Ajik:
I would like to thank you a lot and Space Tribe crew too for everething!
Thank you 4 your support! And you didn't made my day.... you made my month!!
The T's are incredible and thanks a lot for the extra Stickers!
We would like to make another order some month later.
So, have a nice day and one more time.... Thank You!!

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Hector Eduardo Hernandez Valdez Guadalajara 14-02-2015
Wow !

You rock my boat !
Great quality, beautifully made, shipped quickly & I loved the free stickers & holographic postards
You guys are the bong !

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Flipout Brian Jupiter 29-01-2015
Amazing !

I received my Mushroom Head Banner!!
Thank you! It's amazing, you're awesome Space Tribe!

Don't go changing ;) 

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Sean Sunshine Coast 14-01-2015
Love you guys

Space Tribe Rules the psy universe !

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Space Cadet Berlin 17-12-2014