Create your own Reality !
Space Tribe morphed into existance on the paradise beaches of Goa, India in the early 90's, a collaboration between brothers Olli & Miki Wisdom, & Richmond Headspace. Our aim? To turn our world into a tripped out circus party wonderland, based on Psy trance beats, our love of bright colours and optically twisted patterns, combined with the use of blacklights, a healthy dose of circus skills and just a pinch of Psychedelic!

Normal is Boring
We were blasting at the parties & high on life, loving the pulse of the emerging psy trance music scene. But the clothes we wanted to wear, that celebrated our individuality & our joy of life didn't exist. Somehow, a pair of jeans & a benetton t-shirt didn't come close.

Created in Chaos
Off to Bali where we made a few dozen pieces of very colourful clothes & some funky batik banners for ourselves and a few friends. Upon our return to Goa we discovered many people were inspired & wanted a piece of the action too, so our personal production turned into a small scale business. We soon developed & refined our own particular style of flouro madness. . . And thus, the Tribe was born.

We are all made of stars
Our inspiration is drawn from psychedelic trance parties, heavy on the black light, ancient symbology, modern shamanism, op-art, space, nature, hindu gods, inner visions and fractal technology !
25 years on & Space Tribe is still going strong. Olli is spinning around the globe playing at major psy trance festivals & events. Space Tribe Music continues to release new cd's & our range of clothing deco & accessories is forever evolving. For a small company, we are well known around the planet & have a reputation for high quality & long lasting clothing. We are still a 3 way partnership, with Olli taking care of Space Tribe Music & parties while Miki & Richmond manage the clothing, deco & website.

Ever expanding Universe
Our Tribe is constantly growing, we now collaborate with many fantastic visionary artists around the planet and feature their beautiful artwork on our clothing. The future looks bright as more people discover the scene through the global trance parties & festivals.

SpaceBase Bali
All our clothing & deco products are still produced on Bali.
We run our SpaceBase there & employ a local team of artists, printers & tailors to create our collection of goodies.
We pride ourselves on our happy staff & their good working conditions.